Response to Sen Questions

Question One:
Description of Process Rights and substantive freedoms.

Problems with description – I really don’t have any problems with this description with your clarifications. I really actually support this view very much, and he makes a very good point that these are “lesser” if other substantive freedom that enable people to achieve their goals and live the sorts of lives they want to live and whitch i think would more likely include things like food,shelter, etc. I guess I was just not very sure of his terminolgy and I am excited that there is a point against the capabilities approach, being that going at things from a purely capabilities perspective and making everything equal, is just sort of unrealistic at somepoints. Rome wasn’t built in a day sort of thing. I do think that this gets into dangerous teritory though, I think that there is a lot of reasons to want to make all capabilities equal. However I think that if you made some sort of goals for different development stages in a country. If you have an undeveloped country you start with providing basic things like food and shelter and health care. Then you go to things like education and court systems,etc. In essence everything would be equally important and everything would have to be completed but it could be done in stages that are more realistic.

Question Two:
As for the idea of a set and the idea of having many different list, i’m still very on the fence with this one. To be honest, I am worried about both. The one that worries me the most is having several different lists. The reason this worried me is because if you allow the list to change over time, who knows what could end up happening. It may turn out okay, but I think that there should be some sort of consensus. I understand that some cultures may have concerns that other cultures may not have, this is a silly example, but air conditioning in locations where heat stroke causes many 1,00’s of deaths each summer. A place in greenland might not care about this, and it isn’t hurting anyone to have this “capability” so i guess i could see additions to the list, but i don’t want it to be completely fluid, either.

Question Three:
As for you third point, I think I get it and I think this point is very similar to the first question. And i think that seperating process freedoms and substantive ones could definatley be to a nations advantage.

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